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September 6 2004

Kdsl-0.5 Released.

This is a major upgrade from previous releases, and fixes some serious issues. A full report of the fixes can be obtained in the CHANGELOG.

Developers and Contributors

Judd Baileys
Diego Levrero

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What is Kdsl?

Kdsl is a tool to help setup, and manage Internet accounts quickly and easily. Despite it's name, Kdsl is designed to be a tool to handle many different types of Internet connections, including dial-up.

Supported Protocols

Currently, with version 0.5 , Kdsl supports The following protocols:

DSL accounts - PPPoE is well supported. PPPoA is 'supported' but untested, and may not work at this time.
Dial-Up Account with Pap/Chap support

Unsupported Protocols

ISDN is unsupported at this time, however, development for ISDN is occuring at present.
Cable support is scratchy at present
Static IP support is untested.

Other Features

Kdsl offers dock icon themes - you can download and choose which 'modem lights' you want.
Accounts can have their unique icons.
Accounts are available instantly for all users
An inline browser is available to check your Usage statistics if your ISP supports this feature. .

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