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September 6 2004

Kdsl-0.5 Released.

This is a major upgrade from previous releases, and fixes some serious issues. A full report of the fixes can be obtained in the CHANGELOG.

Developers and Contributors

Judd Baileys
Diego Levrero

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- pppd-2.4.1 or greater (if you are using pppoe, you will need to apply this patch to the source code of pppd-2.4.1 and recompile, or download the CVS branch of pppd.
- Roaring Penguin's rp-pppoe tools (if you dont wish to use the pppd plugin)
- KDE3.2 - The K Desktop Environment (May work on KDE 3.0 and above as well)
- QT-3.2.1 or greater.

Your Help

All effort is made to ensure that Kdsl will work well for most people. In some circumstances, Kdsl will not function properly on some systems (e.g. Kdsl has some unusual quirks when compiled in a stock standard Redhat 9 system, such as passwords not being hidden and boxes not being disabled when they should be). If you encounter any problems with the software, or have ideas on how to improve it, please contact the developers.

We're constantly looking for people who are willing to contribute to this project. More developers would be nice, but what we really require is people with Cable modems, PPPoA connections, USB modem users, and ISDN users to assist us, and to beta test the software so we can add support for you. The developers dont necessarily use, or have access to your type of account, so, any assistance you can give is more than appreciated!

We are also looking for translators and icon designers, or even documentation writers... Any help at all will be warmly welcomed.

You can contact the developers either through the forums on Sourceforge.net, or by e-mail
jbaileys at bigpond dot net dot au

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